I am a young man trying my best to make it in this world; I also happen to be transgender.


I have always been one to follow my passions, so my life-long love of animals and biological science lead me to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Delaware Valley University with a degree in Large Animal Science. My academic focus on genetics and reproduction helped me to understand my own gender transition from a medical standpoint, which is something that I hope to offer my readers.

Though my degree is in the biological sciences, my mind is always a tangle of ideas and interests, so I have had professional positions ranging from office assistant at a Real Estate Agency, to teaching Kindergarten in Pennsylvania, USA, to herding goats in the mountains of Penamacor, Portugal.

I currently live in Spain with my girlfriend, and we work teaching English as a second language in public schools. We spend as much time as possible traveling throughout Europe and the world, learning and growing as members of the worldwide human family. Together, we strive to create connections and art wherever we go.


Unless noted, all photographs and media belong to me. Otherwise, they will be duly credited to their respective sources. I do not claim to be a licensed professional in any subject or field, and all information presented in this blog has been gathered through personal research and experience.