Things That Bring Me Joy

After I made my victorious (if somewhat bittersweet) return to the blogisphere this morning, I started thinking about how it might hit some of the people reading it. I wrote my last post all in one go and didn’t do any editing, because I knew that I had to be as honest and brutal with myself as I could in order to give myself the kind of backbone I needed to push forward and continue to do what I love: share. I have been going through some tough shit lately, but I am finding ways to make that rain cloud a little more like a sun shower…so, I have decided to make a very simple post about some things that bring me pure and simple joy.

1. Kitten Lady’s videos on youtube

“Hannah Shaw is an animal protection professional and neonatal kitten warrior. This is a showcase of the animals she rescues and their tales of triumph.”  – courtesy of Kitten Lady from her About page.

Here is the first video I watched from her, and I think it’s a great example of her complete devotion to the idea that all lives are worthy of your best efforts. Sometimes she’s unsuccessful and a tiny life is lost, but she always tries her best and always puts her heart into her work.

2. Disney

Google Image Result for

Anything and everything Disney always lifts my spirits, or at least gives me something to think about when I feel like I can’t escape irrational thoughts. I love to rewatch the classics from the Disney Renaissance, or throw on a Spotify playlist of Disney tunes. To me, it symbolizes happiness and the celebration of creativity above all else! I recently found a woman on youtube named Sarah Sterling who is a HUGE Disney fan/expert, and her series Down to Disness explores the creation, impact, and cultural lens of each Disney film. Check her out!

3. Cleaning

CH_Dirty Bots

Yes, I am THAT person. I love to clean anything, especially if it’s really, REAAAALLLLYYY FILTHY. For me, it’s metaphoric, but also literal. I get to scrub away the dirt and see the beauty underneath, but the physical exertion also helps me feel like I accomplished something! Today, I cleaned my ENTIRE apartment. Like. I’m not even kidding. Everything. Sparkling.

4. Meeting a friend for a drink.

Photo courtesy of KEKO64 at

I never had the opportunity to do this in the USA while I lived there, but here in Spain, it’s What You do. Every night before dinnertime, you’ll see the cafes fill up with people, sitting around with a beer/wine/coffee and a tapa or two. There’s no rush and no expectations. It’s wonderful to just sit in silence and nibble a tortilla or some croquetas and sip on a beer while watching the people around you enjoy the quiet time, too.

5. Cutting my hair.

There is NOTHING that makes me feel sexier or fresher than a new haircut. I have very few cuts that make me feel flattered, so when I get it done and it’s all sleek, I feel like I could do anything! It’s amazing how something so small can make you feel so good.

6. Playing solitaire.

Yes, this sounds a little silly, but I love this game. It’s so simple and quiet. Also, I know that it’s partly strategy and partly luck, which makes me feel like I can rationalize the idea that sometimes it is just simply out of your control. Do your best and that’s all you can do…sometimes it’s just what’s in the cards you’re dealt.

7. Reading books and webcomics

Image result for the glass castle
One of my favorite memoirs. I cannot explain it, just READ IT.


I read voraciously. I can devour a book in a day if I’m given the opportunity (which, unfortunately, I rarely am…) and I have a wide range of interests. I love memoirs, because I like the idea of listening in on someone’s personal recollection of how their life has unfolded; it’s not just the bare facts, but it’s the events told through the storyteller’s own thoughts and feelings. I also love fantasy novels, books of facts, etc etc…




I also love webcomics and follow many of them regularly. There is an entire world of comics out there for free! Most of the ones I follow tend to have queer/lgbt characters and/or sexual themes, so if you’re not into that….that’s no fun and you should check them out! Some of my favorites include:

  • QuestionableContent – I’ve followed this comic for about 7 years, and it has been going strong every weekday since 2003. It’s amazing to see how the art has evolved over J. Jacques’ career!

    Image result for questionable content
    Questionable Content by J. Jacques
  • Chaos Life and Find Chaos – Two very different comics by A. Stiffler and K. Copeland. Chaos life is an irregularly updated comic inspired by the couple’s life together, while Find Chaos is a fantasy/supernatural thriller with a rather serious storyline.
  • Menagea3 – One of MANY comics by Giz, this was one of my first webcomics and I still love it. It’s rated mature for sexual content, but it’s all boobs and butts. Even though it has been running for a good 9 years, the Archie and Jughead-esque style has stayed exactly the same. Definitely check out her other works as well.
  • Some of my favorites that are no longer updating include Girls with Slingshots (a hilarious story of a woman who has none of her life together, but all the spunk you could ask for) and Dar: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary (one of the many works of Erika Moen, an amazing woman who writes comic style reviews of sex toys called Oh Joy Sex Toy).
  • If I continue to explain each one, you’ll be here for days, so do yourself a favor and read these too! The Young Protectors and Artifice both mature for sexual content (not explicit), Exorcism Academy (DEFINITELY explicit sexual content), Dumbing of Age, and Go Get a Roomie (also mature for sexual content…boobs and butts).
Image result for girls with slingshots
Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

What is it that you do to pull yourself out of the dumps? What can you rely on to make your heart sing? 


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